A brief background

Twin Cities World of Football (TCWOF) is a Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota-based nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together people who love soccer to play, socialize, and volunteer within the community. 

A World of Opportunities

Outdoor Pickup Games

Check out the Twin Cities World of Football page on Meetup.com to find an outdoor pickup game at a park near you!   Creating a Meetup login is free and  required to see all posted pickup games.

Indoor Futsal

Twin Cities World of Football has made it easy to play soccer all year round, even in Minnesota!  Come play at one of our indoor venues throughout the Twin Cities.  Check out our TCWOF Meetup page to find an indoor venue near you!

Get Social

View upcoming social events on our TCWOF Meetup page, or find it here


Contact us to find out how you can volunteer within the community.   

Sponsors and Partnerships

Contact Us to find out more about our sponsors and soccer partnerships, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

soccer, minnesota, nonprofit
soccer, nonprofit, minnesota